Amy Kaslow Gallery, Washington D.C. (April/July 2021)

Sheltering in place during 2020 and into 2021 gave the Italian painter Martina Dalla Stella one view, day-after-day, with an ever changing scene. She turned her skilled hand to capture the ephemeral, the changing colors, the moving elements. The result is a stunning collection of some 40 small works of oil on paper called Skies. Think fast, confident brush strokes suggesting shapes, changing colors, the synthesis of a moment. Dalla Stella lives in a small village between Venice and the Italian Alps. While her subject usually examines the human condition and contemporary society, she finds nature’s basics compelling: “Sometimes I have a longing for taking shelter in simple things, in the beauty of colors, in winter skies and in early morning walks.”

Martina Dalla Stella holds a degree from University of Bologna and Contemporary Art at the School of Specialization in Historical and Artistic Heritage of the University of Siena. Her studies involved extensive time in Italy, Argentina and Uruguay and The Academy of Fine Arts in Venice awarded her a teaching certificate. The painter has held solo and group exhibitions in Europe. Her work is in private collections. This is her first US exhibition.