La grande bellezza-Kunsthaus Burg Obenberg

Martina Dalla Stella is an Italian painter who focuses on understanding contemporary reality through her art. She uses a fast, dense, and sometimes material style, but whose textures can suddenly change towards liquid fissures of transparency and rarefaction. This shows the personal attempt of the artist to understand contemporary reality, with its contradictions and imperfections, but also its simplicity and beauty. It is a subjective and feminine attempt to address human beings, who often appears in these paintings in their peculiar fragility, without heroism.

Dalla Stella has a solid academic background, with a degree in Art from the Dams in Bologna and a diploma in Contemporary Art from the School of Specialization in Historical Artistic Heritage at the University of Siena. She also obtained the teaching qualification at the Academy of Fine Art in Venice. She has spent periods of study in Argentina and Uruguay and has exhibited her works both in Italy and abroad, in collective and personal exhibition, including travel as an essential part of her artistic and personal path.